Hither Green Triangle Workday



Clearing access ramp
Clearing access ramp

The Nature’s Gym volunteers along with the Friends of Hither Green Triangle spent a very busy few hours in the nature reserve last weekend.  A lot of time was spent on clearing the rubbish that had been thrown in to the site from platforms 4 and 5.  The rubbish from platform 4 was particularly bad and while we did what we could there was still quite a bit left.  We have been coming to this site for a long  time and it has been a while since we have seen the litter this bad.  I know our friends at Hither Green Community Association are also concerned about the litter problem, so we are really hoping that something can be organised by Network Rail and South Eastern.

22 bags of rubbish were collected
22 bags of rubbish were collected

We also worked on a new potential access to the site by clearing over hanging branches and bramble.  It is hoped that if we can gain access to the site via this ramp, our contractor can carry out more work on the site.  This will result in more improvements, such as cutting the meadows, work to the pond and creating more gaps in the vegetation so that people catching trains can see in to the site from the platform.

3 thoughts on “Hither Green Triangle Workday

    1. Thanks very much! There is still a long way to go, but we have fun doing it. I will pass on you comments to the volunteers.



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