Lewisham Bird Report April-June 2014

Chaffinch singing Catford bridge P1040531Chaffinch signing at Catford Bridge                                                       [Tom Moulton]

Grey Wagtail at cornmill GardensGrey wagtail at Cornmill Gardens                                                       [Tom Moulton]

Lewisham Birds Report: April-June 2014

This is the first of a series of quarterly bird reports focusing on bird life in the borough. Most of the information comes from our network of bird champions in Lewisham’s parks and green spaces, but if you see or hear any interesting birds or bird behaviour in Lewisham or directly adjoining areas, please let us know at.


  • Kingfisher sightings rare during much of the quarter (eg. none seen at Brookmill Park between 12 April – 15 June). Presumably bred elsewhere but began to return mid-June. Tomos Brangwyn’s amazing Kingfisher photos (mostly taken along Lewisham’s rivers) can be seen:


  • Sand Martins began nesting on Thames riverfront adjacent to Convoys Wharf, Deptford, late June
  • Main migrant warblers Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps arrived March/April and have settled into most sites observed, plus lesser numbers of Willow Warblers and Whitethroats, while the Swifts returned in early May
  • Dunnocks have been very vocal in parks and gardens this spring/summer in addition to the usual trio of Blackbird, Robin and Wren
  • Dawn chorus walks held 2 April (Hilly Fields/Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries) and 17 April (River Pool Linear Park)

Site Highlights

Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries

  • Green Woodpecker seen and heard during 2 April dawn chorus walk
  • Treecreeper seen 3 May for first time in over a year
  • Song Thrush singing regularly

Brookmill Park

  • Common Sandpiper seen 28 April
  • Hobby seen 14 June
  • Little Egrets seen 24 May and 28 June
  • Sparrowhawk seen 19 and 24 June
  • Also seen: Mandarin Duck, Jackdaw and Willow Warbler

Cornmill Gardens

  • Grey Wagtails seen regularly here, presumably breeding locally

Deptford Creek

  • Resident pair of Swans produced 8 cygnets in May. Sadly, 5 have been lost and 3 taken into care of a swan sanctuary
  • Sand Martins seen early June, but not nesting there

Hilly Fields

  • Great Spotted Woodpecker nested in tree near the cafe, clamour of chicks audible to all passers-by.

Ladywell Fields

  • Moorhen family with 2 new chicks and juvenile from earlier brood
  • At least 1 Song Thrush singing in the central field, possibly 2

River Pool

  • Whitethroat seen during 17 April dawn chorus walk

Other Sightings

  • Peregrine ‘loitering with intent’ over back garden, Brockley Grove, Crofton Park (30 April); Sparrowhawk hunting over Blackheath (1 June); Marsh Harrier passing over Blackheath (12 June); 2 Egyptian Geese ‘causing traffic jam as they walked across the road’, Blackheath (10 May); Wheatear and Whinchat seen at Blackheath (5 May).


  • And just outside borough boundaries: Cuckoo heard Sydenham Hill Wood (1 May) and Blackheath Dips (6 May)

Song Thrush Project

We are trying to compile a list of Song Thrush territories in Lewisham. If you can add to the following list, please let us know

  • Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries,
  • Brookmill Park,
  • Eliot Pits, Blackheath,
  • Ladywell Fields,
  • River Pool Linear Park,
  • Wearside

Tom Moulton (with thanks to Conrad Ellam, Sue Gore, Daniel Greenwood, Phil Laurie, James Lowen and the London Bird Club Wiki).

July 2014

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