Man Digs Pond crosses the pond

After his very successful performance at Albion Millennium Green, Bruno Roubicek will be taking his ‘Man Digs Pond‘ performance to Reims in North East France for the ‘La Comedie de Reims‘.

You can watch the original video below, or if you fancy a trip to the Champagne region, you can go along an support him in person and maybe try out the local tipple while you are there!

“Man Digs Pond” by Bruno Roubicek from bruno roubicek on Vimeo.

Performed by Bruno Roubicek over 24 hours, 5th – 6th November 2011 in Albion Millennium Green, London SE26 4DB.
All video footage by Toy Studio.
With Holy Trinity School Choir, Simon Harrison and Philip Engleheart, Dagmar Eberts and many others.

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