Man Digs Pond – a great success

Having reported on the fantastic event that was being planned at Albion Millennium Green, we felt that we had to go and visit to give our support to Bruno Roubicek who was doing all the hard work.  Once we arrived he has already been there for about 16 hours and the pond was looking great.  Most of the work had been done and he was definitely on course to finish in time.

There was plenty of support for him as he continued to work and more people were arriving while we were there.  People whooped and people sang, anything to keep the spirits up.

The whole event was filmed on time-lapse cameras, hopefully, once the film is ready we will be able to bring it t you.  We have not been able to make it down to the Green since, but as soon as we do, we will bring you some photos of the finished pond.  We would like to send massive congratulations to Bruno for finishing this fantastic project and for coming up with such an ingenious way to improve the biodiversity of the pond and for raising the profile of Albion Millennium Green.  Well done!!!

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