FoBLC 6th Anniversary, Sunday 14 July

The FoBLC is a voluntary group which promotes the conservation and appreciation of the Brockley & Ladywell cemeteries as places of remembrance, historic importance & natural beauty.  On 14 July 11am-4.30pm they will be celebrating their 6th Anniversary with a host of events.

  • Photographic exhibition of monuments and wildlife in the Ladywell Chapel.
  • Guided walks of the Cemeteries visiting the graves of sportsmen, poets, war veterans and local figures.

Ladywell Cemetery, Ladywell Road, SE13 7HY (please note that Ladywell Road will be closed to through traffic)

2 thoughts on “FoBLC 6th Anniversary, Sunday 14 July

  1. This is the group that have torn down saplings, pulled ivy off the tombstones and cut back swathes of the wild areas that made it a listed cemetery. They have cut Turkey Oaks, Limes, Cedar, Dog rose, Corkscrew Hazel, Blackthorn and dug up trees growing on graves. They mowed the acid grassland to within an inch of its life. Abot 2 yrs ago they had to admit they were over zealous ( cutting down bigger trees without planning permission which was retrospectively granted) but are still doing it. Now whilst there are some wild areas left -there are vistas of the road, nearby houses and serried ranks of gray tombstones where it used to be hedges and trees. Birdlife and insect habitats are reduced.

    1. Dear Lucy,

      Thank you for your comments and for raising you concerns which I can pass on to the Friends group and the staff that manage the site if you like? Alternatively I can let you know when their next meeting is so that you can raise these issues with them personally?

      Best wishes,


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