Iona Close hedge planting

As part of the successful Local Assembly bid and to satisfy some local residents we planted a number of hawthorn whips along the boundary of the site.  Enjoying the slightly warmer weather 19 people turned out to help which meant that we were able to get a lot of work done.

Planting whips is a happy business!
Planting whips is a happy business!

Aside from planting almost 300 whips we also were able to do some more clearing, top up the woodchip footpath and put manure on the trees.   There are still more whips that need to be planted and hopefully we can persuade a few of the Nature’s Gym volunteers to come out again to finish the job.  The site looks very different from when the volunteers first went there last year and these improvements have only been made possible with the help of volunteers, Friends and the London Orchard Project.

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