Invitation to Rivers and People – The legacy installation

Lady of the River
The Naiad

On a still-warm September Sunday evening, something magical happened in Ladywell Fields along the banks of the River Ravensbourne.

 London Bubble Theatre Company, working in partnership with Lewisham Council, told the story of Ladywell Fields, the River and its spirit, the Naiad. Local artists and residents created film, photographs and beautiful flora and fauna from recycled bottles. They played the parts of river maidens, fishermen, skating water snakes and even the Naiad herself. There was synchronised dog walking, storytelling, poetry and prose whispered from the trees – illuminated people sang and danced and were scared by a Troll. Over 450 people walked the length of the darkening river and saw the spectacle. It was incredible.


They liked being involved so much that they wanted to share part of the experience with more people. So for a few weeks in March, an installation made up of beautiful sculpture, illuminated photographs and a whispered, haunting soundscape from the original Rivers and People celebration and created by talented local artists, Ian Simons, Jay Harris and Lesley Flower will be available to visit free in three local libraries.

Saturday 2nd March Torridon Road Library

Torridon Road


Wednesday 6th – Saturday 9th March Manor House Library

34, Old Road

SE13 5SY

Wednesday 13th – Saturday 16th March Deptford Lounge

9, Giffin Street


For more information, please contact Vic Boyd or Cathy Myers

To find out more about the Rivers and People project visit


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