Come rain, come cold winds, come frozen ground….

…..the Nature’s Gym volunteers will be out toiling in the Parks and Nature Reserves in Lewisham.  Yesterday, 19 brave souls made the trip to Sydenham Wells Park to volunteer their time.  We have been working here for a while to create and improve the  meadow areas in the nature area of the site.

Despite the frozen ground we got a lot done!
Despite the frozen ground we got a lot done!

Sydenham Wells Park is a lovely site, with beautiful formal gardens and a number of mature trees.  However, at the top of the park is the Nature Reserve, a very different area from the rest of the park.  Formally the site of Wynell Road Nursery it has been managed as a nature reserve since 1988.  Volunteers have made a number of improvements here, from new footpaths to stag beetle loggeries!  The work is ongoing with the meadows, so visit the site in the Spring where you’ll see a host of butterflies and bees – wonderful!


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