Mayfield in the sunshine

The last time we visited Mayfield we had glorious sunshine and blue skies.  This time when we visited Mayfield we had glorious sunshine and blue skies – there must be something about the place!  At our last visit we constructed some raised beds, built a bug hotel and stag beetle loggery.  We all enjoyed visiting this site and knew that there was a lot more to do, so we were pleased that Anna was keen to have us back.

Busy as bees!
Building the raised beds

Some of the volunteers got to work on some more raised beds, small yet perfectly formed beds so people can learn to grow their own food. There are already a few beds here with things growing in them, so it was great to build some more so that others can get involved. 

While this was going on, a few people took on the tasks of weeding, creating an edged border and clearing the courtyard of weeds and bramble. All very imprtant jobs that have made a huge difference to the site.

weeding, borders and clearing

We also got to work on fixing up the bug hotel that we started last time.  Thanks to Judith from Glendale we had a few more materials to add to it including some pipes.  Anna also gave us some bamboo which is great for many insects.  Bug hotels are very simple and easy to make and can be very benefcial.  However, they don’t have to be big to be useful!  Just have a look at this great ideas from the RSPB and Gardeners’ World.

Our bug hotel

At the end of the day we were all hot and tired but felt as though a good days work had been done, looking back at the site at that afternoon was very satisfying!



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