Friends of Hither Green take 2 steps further

On a glorious Saturday in May, the Friends of Hither Green Triangle made attempts to finish the steps up to platform 5.  The last few times we were there it was pouring, so this was a welcome break! With mattocks, spades and a level in hand we set of ready to tackle this task.  Unfortunately, we were thwarted by a window!

The window was right in the way of the steps
Whatever we tried, the window wouldn’t budge!

The more we dug, the more problems we found! As we dug further, we realised that the window was stuck under a concrete post – which can be seen in the image above!  No matter what we did, it just wouldn’t budge. 

Checking the level – very important!

Some of the volunteers also carried out a litter pick – not always the most exciting job, but often quite rewarding!  As you can see here the view from the steps gives you a great idea of the site.  Note out valliant litter picker in orange!

Overview of the site with a valliant litter picker!

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