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Burnt Ash Pond Annual Open Fun Day August 2010

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Another successful Open Day at the Pond was held in early August. The Friends all very kindly contributed by brining home made cakes and sandwiches.  This is the third year that the ‘Friends’ have held an open day and it was the most popular yet!  A number of the people attending found it by chance, thanks to the new way mark posts, a sure sign that they are doing a good  job in directing people the right way.  We were pleased to welcome all the new people to the site and we hope that this will encourage more people to our regular Open Days.                            

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this such a successful event.  Hopefully, by next year the improvements to the reserve will have been finished and we will have even more to celebrate.

The photos to the left show the friends and visitors enjoying the reserve and getting stuck in to the tasty treats.


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