Rivers & People

River dipping in Ladywell Fields

River dipping in Ladywell Fields

Volunteer River Management Program

It’s not a WRaP! 

Although sadly, the externally funded Rivers and People project  came to an end on Sunday (7th July 2013), the project has lived on thanks to the partnerships that developed with organisations and individuals with a passion for Lewisham’s waterways. Above is a link to the River Bankside Volunteer Management Sessions that are being run every Tuesday.

This program is run in partnership between London Borough of Lewisham and Glendale Grounds Management.  It is a project that offers opportunities for you to improve your fitness by taking part in practical river bankside management related activities in a local river.  It is a great way to visit parts of your local rivers that you may not know about and lend a helping hand to improve water habitats for wildlife within the Borough.

The session is free, fun and no experience is needed but please note that although we try to cater for a range of abilities participants do have to be reasonably physically fit to undertake most of the tasks involved.  We therefore reserve the right to judge if this project offers you the support that you may require.

We provide tools and refreshments and have a mid-session tea break.

If you would like to exploring further Lewisham’s river and tidal creek heritage and also have fun on the river, please see: Creekside for their ongoing program of events and activities.

Creekside Discovery Centre: 07870 736 793 or 0208 692 9922

Rivers and People Legacy Project

If you are interested in schools environmental education, the Rivers and People legacy project will continue to run into February 2014. This project is focused on teacher training to help teachers deliver their own outdoor sessions whilst using our equipment. This project is to ensure that the benefits of the Rivers and People project will be sustained long term.

For further information regarding schools environmental education, walks and wades, please contact Jordan, or visit R&P resources for a wealth of educational resources and information about Lewisham’s rivers or to book a session.

The Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Plan

The Catchment Improvement Plan is an initiative being led by Thames 21 and supported by several partners, including Lewisham Council, to encourage those with an interest in their local rivers to express their views and have a say about the future of the River Pool, the River Quaggy and the River Ravensbourne. The project has a focus on getting local people more involved in their environment and help them to understand more about the rivers in their backyard.

We want to hear your thoughts about your local stretch of the river – what you like about it, what you don’t like, what would help you love it more and finally what you can suggest be done to improve it. (Even if you don’t live near to the river, we’d still like to hear from you if you have comments to make about it!)

Please help us by filling out the questionnaire, so together we can make the entire catchment a better place for both people and wildlife. The information that you provide will be incorporated into the Ravensbourne Catchment Plan.

If you would like more information about this initiative, please visit the Thames 21 website.

Dipping in Manor Park

Dipping in Manor Park

Looking at the invertebrates in the Quaggy.

Looking at the invertebrates in the Quaggy.

River clean up in Cornmill Gardens

River clean up in Cornmill Gardens

Discover the birds of the Waterlink Way

Click on the water rail below, print (double-sided), fold and take it with you on your next walk along the Pool or Ravensbourne.

Water Rail

Taken part in an event? Got an idea for a future activity? Let us know what you think!

Click the link and add a comment to the Rivers and People Feedback wall.  All comments are very welcome.

Many thanks for getting involved!

The Rivers & People Project was funded through Natural England and Big Lottery’s Access to Nature Fund.

12 Responses

  1. Fabulous range of walks and activities!

    Ive added them to our Gardening Calendar.


  2. I work so how about some weekday evening or weekend walks please?!

    • Weekend events run throughout the year and weekday evening events when light allows. These are all listed (as always) above.


  3. Keep up the good work Chris McGaw. Your Tues walks are a revelation whether visiting parks we know already (or think we do) or new ones. No plant or bird or waterway escapes this man’s attention. Last Wed I briefly visited the pond dipping in Ladywell Fields and it was wonderful to see so many schoolchildren enjoying wading in to the river with a net. “Daddy, Daddy, I’ve caught one” and handing their catch to Nick or Chris who would encourage them and by the way name the creature as well as children rushed back, in borrowed waders which came up to their ears but happiness was in the air.

  4. Weather permitting we will resume the plant identification/foraging advice session as an addition to the Chinbrook habitat work this Tues May 1st from 10am

  5. Great for the kids to go out and exercise as well as learn about nature. Good Job guys!

  6. Thanks for the river wading at Ladywell Fields yesterday Chris, we all really enjoyed it and its a great way to get the kids out doing a bit of exercise without them realising it. See you again soon. Debbie, Billy and Tommy Moyce.

  7. Just been on chris walk along the river ravensbourne.and just to say how much we all enjoyed it.keep up the good work.terry and chris.

  8. Lovely day and most enjoyable Autumn Frolic in Brockley cemetery. Well done Nick.

  9. Dawn Chorus walk on 26th April: It’s a 5am start and I’ll be driving via Brockley and Ladywell to Sydenham and have room for four in my car. Phone if you’d like a lift, I will be picking up at 4.45
    Thanks, Lawrence 07986237431

  10. A very nice informative walk and wade through the River Ravensbourne in Ladywell Fields, in the North and South Divide Walk given by Lawrence Beale Collins today Thursday, 30th May 2013

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