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Bat walk, Nunhead Cemetery – Friday 24 June 2016, 9pm

Guided bat walk using bat detectors in Nunhead Cemetery led by London Wildlife Trust

Pipistrelle bat © London Wildlife Trust

Pipistrelle bat © London Wildlife Trust


Join London Wildlife Trust and the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery for a guided bat walk in this stunning Victorian Cemetery.

Nunhead Cemetery is a Local Nature Reserve with a mixture of secondary woodland of sycamore, ash and naturalised tree species. Managed by the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery in partnership with Southwark Council, the Cemetery is protected as a wildlife haven on the cusp of London.

Using bat detectors to pick up the inaudible calls of bats like common and soprano pipistrelle, Leisler and noctule, we will aim to uncover the nocturnal wildlife of this urban woodland. Bats use sonar or echolocation to navigate through the darkness to hunt moths and other invertebrates. There are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding bats which we hope to be able to dispel during the walk.

This is a free walk, all are welcome.

Please bring a torch (but do not shine up at bats as this is a nuisance to them), sturdy footwear fit for uneven paths and gentle inclines and clothing suitable for the conditions

Event location

Please meet at the Linden Grove entrance,
Nunhead Cemetery,
Greater London,
SE15 3NA