Jess Kyle

Jess has been working for the London Borough of Lewisham for over 10 years. She helped to set up Nature’s Gym with her colleague in Glendale in 2008 after the funding for Lewisham’s Green Gym sadly ended. Having previously run the Lewisham Green Gym she was able to ensure that the was consistency in the hand over between the two projects.

Jess runs a number of schools sessions in the Borough’s nature reserves.  This can be anything from bug hunts to habitat studies. If this is something that you think your school would be interested in, please visit our Education page for more information.

She also works with a number of Friends Groups, helping them find funding and then helps to carry out their projects. As well as this she runs guided walks in the nature reserves and is currently trying to establish a Friends Group for Brookmill Road nature reserve.

When not knee deep in mud and brambles Jess enjoys spending time in France making the most of its fantastic cycle routes and food!  She is also a keen (but not very good skier), enjoys reading crime novels, eating cheese and watching cricket.


Tel: 020 8314 2119       Email:

Judith Watling

Judith Simmons (Nature Conservation Office - Glendale)Judith is Glendale’s Senior Nature Conservation Officer. She has been working with Jess on the Nature’s Gym projects for 3 years. She also helps Jordan with the River Management volunteer sessions. She started at Glendale as a graduate trainee and was able to secure a permanent position.

She also works with local Friends Groups in the parks and leads an number of education sessions with schools, brownies and scouts. If this is something that you would like to get involved in, please contact Judith using the details below.

When not wading in a river Judith is a keen astronomer and enjoys checking out our universe at one of the Dark Skies sites in the area. She is also a keen traveller and always has a new part of the World in her sights.


Tel: 020 8852 9167         Email:

Eszter Wainwright-Deri

Dev Rd NR

Eszter started working at Lewisham as the Ecological Regeneration Manager in 2020. She works with Jess, Judith and local community groups on improving Lewisham’s open spaces including securing funding. She also provides ecology advice, represents Lewisham in various stakeholder groups (e.g. London Boroughs Biodiversity Forum), feeds into policy documents and reviews planning applications to make sure applicants follow Lewisham’s Biodiversity Planning Guidance.

Before working at Lewisham Council she was working at ZSL, RBG Kew, FoE Hungary and conducted her PhD research in the Hortobágy National Park (in Hungary) focusing on grassland restoration and conservation management.

When not in front of her laptop or on her bike between site visits in Lewisham she enjoys pottering in her garden, go on walks and solving jigsaw puzzles. Once upon a time she was a platform diver so she also loves to spend time near (and in) water.


Jordan Ogbeide-Ihama

Jordan Ogbeide-Ihama

Jordan started working at the Council on English Nature’s Wildspace Project in 2003. When this project finished he became the Waterlink Way Project Officer for the QUERCUS project in Ladywell Fields.   He now works with Judith on the Bankside Sessions and occasionally helps Jess and Judith with Nature’s Gym. He is currently working on the Community Engagement & Park Improvement Strategy for BPP and several other projects along the Waterlink Way.  He facilitates outdoor environmental education field studies for pupils from Pre-school to A level & undergraduate students as well as school teachers as a training session on how to facilitate fields studies. If that isn’t enough, he organises & facilitate Interpretative Guided Walks for local community groups and the general public.

Jordan like reading, socialising and cooking. His favourite invertebrate/insect is the Stag Beetle the species (Lucanus cervus) the largest terrestrial insect in Europe! He has just started to learn the saxophone, but we are yet to hear him play.



2 thoughts on “Meet the team

  1. Hi, team! I was looking up Eszter (finding out about research into grassland succession) and found this too. If actual years could be added instead of “worked for Lewisham for ten years” or “3 years ago” that works be more accurate as the page is not date stamped when updated. Just a thought. Also not much on Eszter’s background and current duties yet. Great site btw!!

    1. Hi Mike, good point re: number of years! I will need to get a photo of Eszter up there and will then write a bit more about her.


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