Grove Park Community Group 50 year anniversary

Our Friends at the Grove Park Community Group write

Grove Park Community Group (GPCG) wish to invite you to the first of hopefully many events to celebrate the group’s 50th Anniversary – on Saturday 2 July. Please see the flyer and GPCG website for more information.  


  • that once upon a time there were plans to build the London inner road known as “Ringway 2”, in the form of a 6-lane motorway, which would effectively have cut Grove Park in half?   
  • that the collective efforts of Grove Park based local groups, churches, schools, businesses helped to put a stop to this plan?  
  • that, encouraged by this success story, representatives of the various organisations involved decided to form the Grove Park Community Group (GPCG) to work together to improve local amenities, social life and welfare of the people in the area?  
  • that the inaugural meeting of the GPCG was held in May 1972?     

This all took place 50 years ago but what has happened since?  

Come to our event at the Ringway Centre on 2 July to find out more. Learn about the Group’s impact in Grove Park for half a century and its continued presence in Grove Park.  What has the group done for the local community all these years, what does it do now and, perhaps more importantly, what will it be doing tomorrow and in the next five, ten, twenty years?    

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