Latest – Lewisham Parks and Open Spaces Survey

Glendale have released a Lewisham parks and Open Spaces survey. Please fill this in and let them know what you think about your local park! There are not too many questions and so it shouldn’t take too long. You can also fill it out more than once if you would like to comment on more than one park.

  • Nature's Gym volunteers working on Hilly Fields

2 thoughts on “Latest – Lewisham Parks and Open Spaces Survey

  1. The increased footfall in the many parks l have visited but mainly Forster park has led to disgusting levels of litter that goes uncleared for days if not weeks until volunteers clean up, what exactly do Glendale do? The numerous gates of Forster park are rarely locked of an evening leading to antisocial behaviour

    1. Dear Ms Welch,

      If you do have concerns about the littler and anti-social behaviour in Forster Park, you can report this to Glendale directly on lewisham@glendale­

      Best wishes,


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