Lewisham 3 Peaks challenge

Lewisham 3 Peaks Challenge

The people behind ‘Lewisham’s 3 Peaks Challenge’ write:

The Brockley Three Peaks walk was an idea which sprung out of a co-design workshop last summer, as part of the neighbourhood planning work. A year later, local residents, with thanks to grant funding from the Ladywell ward assembly, have made it happen! Realising what a great asset their hilly open spaces are, the project set out to map and link the parks and open spaces around the greater Brockley area to highlight their very own five mile ‘green-chain’ walking route. The route also connects the area’s fantastic local independent shopping parades where there are plenty of opportunities to stop for drinks, coffee, food or some shopping.

Historic information, photography and illustrations of key landmarks have all been created by local residents. These were then fed to the map designer (www.fullcircle-design.co.uk) and compiled into a souvenir walking map of the area.  The Guardian cartoonist and Lewisham local, Martin Rowson also kindly designed the Three Peaks illustrative logo.

3 Peaks Map (www.fullcircle-design.co.uk)
3 Peaks Map (www.fullcircle-design.co.uk)

If you are up for walking Lewisham’s very own Three Peaks Challenge, then join the charity launch event on Saturday 16th July from Hilly Fields Park (meeting point at stone circle), SE4 – at 11.00am. The event will support two local charities: For Jimmy and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust are joining with local residents to promote the fun hike of the route. Our message is that our streets and parks are for everyone to enjoy, and we all benefit from making our neighbourhood a safe place for children to grow up in.

There are many ways to get involved:

1. Create a fundraising page for this event and get sponsored to conquer Lewisham’s Three Peaks! It will be fun and any money raised will go to the two partner charities. Or sponsor someone who has already created a page. Visit the link for more info: bit.ly/1OBS7rN

2. You can also support the charities by buying a limited edition souvenir t-shirt, designed by Martin Rowson. These will be on sale on the day. The team will also be at Blythe Hill Fields Summer festival on teh 2nd of July 2016.

3. Donate a pound and pick up a souvenir map

4. Join the walkers on the 16th July, make new friends, and enjoy our lovely neighoburhood. To pick up your ‘3 Peaks Challenge’ badge join us for the after party in Ladywell Fields at For Jimmy’s Sparkle festival which takes place on the same day.

For updates and more information, follow the team on:

Twitter: @Brockley3Peaks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lewisham-3-Peaks-Challenge-1034541099971217/
Email: brockley3peaks@gmail.com

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