Beckenham Place Park Lewisham – An Opportunity for Schools

A Great Opportunity for School Pupils To Explore Nature & Wildlife, Study Their Local Environment and Associated River Life.

We are offering opportunities to schools, youth, community, faith, special needs & disability groups to benefit and participate in the sustainable use of the park.

The Waterlink Way Project  Officer will prepare, organise and facilitate outdoor environmental education sessions for School Pupils. Activities include those that address parts of the QCA Scheme for various Key stages.

Sessions offered are carefully tailored to address the National School curriculum Requisitions.

Such sessions includes skills which will focus on; Plants & Animals in their Local Environment, Growing Plants, The Water Cycle, Investigating the River, Habitat Studies, Sorting & Using Materials, Keeping Warm, The Life-Cycle and Interdependence and Adaptation for various keystages.

 We also organise and facilitate outdoor education related activities for special needs pupils as well as youth/ community/ faith and disability groups. Activities includes; Art & craft sessions, Nature Trails, River Wade & Talk and woodland Walk & Talk.

Activities can also be organised to suit individual needs and facilitated for pre-school and nursery pupils.Please note, there are a limited numbers of  places available  therefore groups offered will be on a “first come first served” basis.

You can find out more information about the site, its facilities and location here.

To participate or for further information, please contact

Jordan Ihama ( Waterlink Way Project Officer )

Tel: 020 8314 2556
Mobile: 07743842893

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