Rather than having officer led sessions, school classes may decide that they would like to visit our sites independently. To assist teachers with this we have devised a number of worksheets. These are all available to download free of charge.  All we would ask is that you leave feedback on what is good about these sheets, how they could be improved or even ideas for other worksheets.

These sheets are suitable to use on any of our sites, but please book with us before you go, so that we know you are there and can offer any extra assistance if need be.  We are also happy to arrange a site visit with our Nature Conservation Officer beforehand to go through the sheets and talk over the risk assessments and health and safety for the site. If you are interested in visiting this site it is important that you book as we will need to arrange for you to have access to the site.

Lewisham has recently developed a Forest Schools and Education Policy. This means that we now require some forms from you so that we can issue you with a Lewisham Council Forest Schools & Education Licence.  These forms include proof of Public Liability Insurance, a Risk Assessment and in the case of Forest Schools, a Level 3 Forest School Certificate.