Urban Wildlife Talk – Friday 5th February 2016, Peckham Library

Fox and badger feeding side by side

Badger and Fox by Ernie Thomason

Join London Wildlife Trust at Peckham Library to learn about the amazing wildlife thriving in the capital

Daniel Greenwood will be giving a talk about the array of wild animals and plants that live in London, despite it being a densely populated city

London is known to have over 13,000 species of plant, animal and fungus, though this talk will focus more on those you can expect, or perhaps least expect, to encounter

Daniel is the Conservation Project Officer for Sydenham Hill Wood in the south of the borough of Southwark, a very special nature reserve. The Wood is home to hedgehogs, foxes, owls, hawks, falcon, stag beetles, as well as a number of butterflies, amphibians and lots of mushrooms

London’s natural past will be illustrated to show how our wildlife manages to thrive in one of the greatest cities in the world

Where: Peckham Library, 122 Peckham Hill Street, Peckham, London, SE15 5JR
Cost: Free
When: Friday 5th February 2016, 11am-12.30pm

Latest Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership outputs now available!

Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership

Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership

The Lewisham Biodiversity Partnership achievements have now been collated added together and released for your perusal.  They make for some great reading.  Everyone has been working hard.  One of the outstanding accomplishments is that they carried out 209 events, engaging 4,501 people and nature conservation volunteers carry out over 2109 hours of work worth over £19,297 during the last quarter.

Inaugural Open Day for Friends of Garthorne Road – 23rd January 2016, 10am

Join us on 23rd January 2016

Join us on 23rd January 2016

A message from Ernie!

Hi Members  Thank you for the excellent support and all the members that have joined the group so far. Please spread the word and share this group, has I already mentioned that we had not formed a committee yet, if anyone is Interested in putting their name forward please either by leaving a message or letting me know at the meeting below.  I have organised an on-site meeting for Saturday 23rd January at 10am, with Lewisham Council Jess Kyle (Conservation Officer) to discuss future workdays. Please come along as it is a closed site you will not be able to gain access after 10.05 am.

Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Plan

Ravensbourne Catchment plan

Ravensbourne Catchment plan

The River

The river Ravensbourne rises, 4 miles south of Bromley town centre at Caesar’s Well in Keston.  It then flows through the London Boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich where it then joins the River Thames at Deptford, where its 1/2 mile muddy tidal reach is known as Deptford Creek.  The Ravensbourne is 11 miles (17 km) in length with a total catchment area of 180 km2.

River Ravensbourne catchment map

River Ravensbourne catchment map

The Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Plan

The Catchment Improvement Plan was an initiative led by Thames 21 and supported by several partners, including Lewisham Council, to encourage those with an interest in their local rivers to express their views and have a say about the future of the River Pool, the River Quaggy and the River Ravensbourne. The project had a focus on getting local people more involved in their environment and help them to understand more about the rivers in their backyard. Following on from the two years of extensive consultation and the production of development document ‘The Vision’ in 2014, the Ravensbourne Catchment Partnership hosts Thames21 completed the Ravensbourne Catchment Plan in 2015.

What next?

Within the completed Plan is the Ravensbourne Project Schedule, which contains the main projects that are in progress, in planning or in development along the catchment. These projects are aimed at carrying on the great work that has gone before along the catchment such as the delivery of Sutcliffe Park, Chinbrook Meadows and Ladywell Fields regeneration projects, so that we can remove as much hard engineering as possible, create as many natural habitats as feasible and improve the public amenity value of our waterways without compromising our capacity in dealing with major rainfall events.

River Ravensbourne -Ladywell Fields

River Ravensbourne -Ladywell Fields

How you can help

The RCIG will continue to positively engage with the public by holding training days so that individuals can learn how to lead a river event or conduct water-quality testing. There is also an opportunity for your views to be raised at the RCIG meeting by contacting one of the RCIG partners.

However, if you feel your views are not represented by one of the existing partners please contact Lawrence Beale-Collins, the chair of the group, to discuss representing your group/organisation at the RCIG or to find other ways to become involved.

Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Group

In 2012 Thames21 joined a range of partners from local community groups and charities to councils and government agencies to form the Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Group (RCIG). This group is working to improve the rivers of the Ravensbourne Catchment for people and for wildlife.

The priority for the RCIG is to develop, promote and deliver the Vision and Catchment Plan for the Ravensbourne, Pool and Quaggy rivers.

The work of the RCIG is part of Defra and the Environment Agency’s  ‘catchment-based  approach‘(CaBA) to working with individuals and organisations that can make a difference to the health of England’s water environments. The catchment-based approach aims to deliver and raise awareness of the Water Framework Directive and what this means for our rivers, estuaries and coastal waters – which is EU legislation requiring improvements to water quality and the river environment.

Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Group members

Thames21 is the RCIG ‘host’. Their role is to organise and coordinate the different members of the partnership, and drive Catchment Plan Project Schedule forward. Thames21 is also the initial contact point for any enquiries you may have.
Here is a list of RCIG partners:

Quaggy Waterways Action Group (QWAG)
London Wildlife Trust
LB Lewisham
LB Bromley
Royal Borough of Greenwich
LB Croydon


I’ve got my ‘Top Hat’ – Do you have yours?

We over here at the Nature Conservation department in Lewisham would like to wish all our readers old and new a very happy Christmas and New Year. We hope you have a wonderful festive season and look forward to seeing you back in the New Year!  Why not take a walk in one of the Borough’s amazing parks or Nature Reserves, get yourself ready for whatever Christmas lunch that you have planned!

In the mean time, I live you with this!

This may not be a Christmas tune, but we hope it will put a smile on your face! It always makes me happy anyway and I hope it does you too! (It is often on at Christmas time – so there is the connection!)

Take it away Fred…’I’m dudin’ up my shirt front’