The Teacher’s Guides and Answers can also be found on each individual topic page.

  1. A Teachers Guide 1 A Teacher’s Guide to Pond Dipping
  2. A Teachers Guide 2 A Teacher’s Guide – Pond Dipping Tips
  3. A Teachers Guide 3 A Teacher’s Guide to looking for minibeasts
  4. A Teachers Guide 4A Teacher’s Guide to minibeasts
  5. A Teachers Guide 5 Nature Studies Glossary
  6. A Teachers Guide 6 River Studies Glossary
  7. A Teachers Guide 7A Teacher’s Guide to pitfall traps
  8. A Teachers Guide 8A Teacher’s Guide to Rocks and Soils
  9. A Teachers Guide 9A Teacher’s Guide to soil
  10. A Teachers Guide 10A Teacher’s Guide to the soil experiment
  11. A Teachers Guide 11A Teacher’s Guide to the Rock Cycle
  12. A Teachers Guide 12 Rocks and Soils Glossary
  13. A Teachers Guide 13 A Teacher’s Guide to Trees
  14. A Teachers Guide 14A Teacher’s Guide to Foodchains
  15. A Teachers Guide 15A Teacher’s Guide to Plants


 The answer sheets can also be found on each individual topic page. A link in the title of each topic below will take you to the relevant pages.

Adaptation Worksheet Answers

Adaptation Worksheet 021a – Adaptation –missing words (answers)

Foodchains Worksheet Answers

Food Chains Worksheet 016a Food Chains missing words worksheet (answers)
Food Chains Worksheet 017aTrue or False (answers)
Food Chains worksheet 018a Make your own (answers)
Food Chains worksheet 019aFood Chains different Ecosystems (answers)

Habitat Worksheet Answers

Habitat Worksheet 002a Habitat missing words worksheet(answers)
Habitats worksheet 004aTrue or False (answers)
Habitats worksheet 005a Habitat wordsearch (answers)

Living Things Worksheet Answers

Living Things worksheet – Introduction to Living Things 028a (answers)
Living Things worksheetStag beetle life cycle 029a (answers)
Living Things worksheetFlower life cycles 030a (answers)
Living Things worksheet Plant parts and function 031a (answers)
Living Things worksheetPlants missing words 032a (answers)
Living Things worksheetPollination True or False 033a (answers)
Living Things worksheet Life cycles quiz True or False 034a (answers)

Minibeast Worksheet Answers

Minibeasts worksheet 010a Minibeasts missing words worksheet (answers)
Minibeasts worksheet 011a Minibeasts True or False (answers)
Minibeast Worksheet 014aMinibeast wordsearch (answers)

Rocks and Soils Worksheet Answers

Rocks and Soils worksheet Rocks quiz 036a (answers)
Rocks and Soils worksheetRocks and Soils fact file 037a (answers)
Rocks and Soils worksheet Soils Quiz 038a (answers)
Rocks and Soils worksheetThe Rock Cycle 040a (answers)
Rocks and Soils worksheetWordsearch 041a (answers)

Tree Worksheet Answers

Tree Worksheet 024a – Tree Quiz (answers)
Tree Worksheet 025a – Tree True or False (answers)