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Bat walk at Sydenham Wells Park – Friday 1 June, 8.30pm-10pm

Bat on the wing

Bat on the wing

Join London Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers for our annual bat walk at Sydenham Wells Park. Bat calls are largely undetectable to the human ear and so we will be using bat detectors to listen to the sounds of these wonderful mammals. Bats use sonar or echolocation to hunt for prey during the night, sending sound out into the world around them to create an aural picture of their surroundings. Each bat has a different call from which they can be identified.

Sydenham Wells Park is a remnant of the Great North Wood, an ancient landscape of woods and commons which once stretched from Deptford to Selhurst. There are lots of bats to be seen (and heard) at the Park including noctule, Leisler, common and soprano pipistrelles.

Previous walks at the Park have provided a large number of sightings of bats, but patience is required in the early stages.

If there is heavy rain or thunderstorms the walk will be postponed to a later date.

Date: Friday 1st June
Time: 8.30pm – 10pm


Meet by the duck pond accessed via the Longton Avenue gate opposite Ormanton Road,
Sydenham Wells Park,
Greater London,


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Evening Bird Walk at Sydenham Hill Wood – Wednesday 16 May

Tawny owl

Tawny Owl

Join the London Wildlife Trust’s Sydenham Hill Wood Conservation Officer Daniel Greenwood for a guided bird walk. We will be listening to and observing the array of bird species present at the Wood.

June is the height of the bird breeding season, meaning that birds will be most active before the late summer when many species begin to moult after a tiring few months of raising young and defending territories.

We are likely to see the staple woodland species of wren, robin, blackbird, woodpigeon, and to hear migrant blackcap and chiffchaff, as well as nuthatch and stock dove. There is always an outside chance of kestrel, sparrowhawk and our resident tawny owl.

Please wear suitable footwear for a woodland with rugged paths, steps and gentle inclines. If there is prolonged heavy rain, thunderstorms or high winds the walk will be cancelled.

This is a free walk, a minimum donation of £2 towards our work is recommended

If you love Sydenham Hill Wood please help the London Wildlife Trust protect it in the long term by becoming a London Wildlife Trust member

Date: Wednesday 16 May
Time: 7pm-9pm


Inside the Crescent Wood Road gate by the London Wildlife Trust noticeboard,
Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox’s Walk,
Greater London,
SE26 6LS